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Hedgehogs and Networking

13th Jun 2024 | Blog

Hedgehogs, divorces, drugs mules, Greek ear wax removal, the weather (obviously!), Alex Salmond, Amadeus (the nightclub, not the composer!), naked floats….these were just some of the conversations I was involved in at a recent networking event. It was a lot of fun! But isn’t that a fun waste of time at a business networking event?

I think it’s quite the opposite. When we chat about all sorts of different things and have some laughs, we develop relationships. When we develop relationships, we’re more likely to want to help each other. Not always talking about work actually helps with work.

A great expression I’ve heard is ‘Sell less to sell more’. When we can chat and have a laugh or two, we develop relationships more quickly. And when we develop relationships first, it’s so much easier to then talk about work and potentially how we might help each other.

Thank you to everyone I spoke with at the event. Your chat was excellent and our relationships have developed!